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Heraldry Deck (Sanguine)
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Heraldry Deck (Azure)
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Ad Card Advantage
Designed by Russel Kercheval

The Ad Card Advantage is one of our many ways of saying thanks for your repeat business! When you open a new HOPC deck, make sure to save the ad card. Once you save up 10 ad cards, you can mail them in and we'll send you a coupon code for 10% off a future order! If you send in 20 cards, we'll send you a code worth 20% off! If you send in 16 cards, we'll give you 16% off! For every card you'll get an extra percentage point, maxing out at a whopping 50% off when you send in 50 ad cards!


From the mind of Russell Kercheval, designer of the Americana deck, comes an entirely new level of sophistication. The Heraldry deck features 100% custom artwork that has been thoughtfully created to conjure up images of a bygone age. The back design is split into 4 sections and has thin borders, making this an ideal deck for fanning. A special double-backed card is also included with each deck, ideal for a color-changing deck routine.

The faces have a unique grey background with a delicate swirl pattern, and feature Roman numerals to indicate the value of the card. All of the court cards and Aces have bold and intricate ornamental designs. The tuck box has silver foil elements and minimal text to really make the deck stand out in your collection.

This special first-edition printing is available in Azure (Blue) and Sanguine (Red) varieties - only 2,500 of each color have been created!

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