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Odd Bods

Odd Bods



These whimsical playing cards spring to life the moment you open the box. From fraternizing spacemen in garb to snacking dames on runaway sock monkeys, meet the Odd Bods as they engage in the most vibrant antics throughout this delightfully amusing picture deck.

Sustainably-produced using FSC certified paper and vegetable-based inks on our trademark stock and finish. Suitable for all games requiring a standard deck

Odd Bods Playing Cards took the world by storm when they were first introduced in 2012. Originally only available to members of the distinguished Folio Society in London, these adorable and elegant playing cards were beloved by designers and artists around the world.

Now, The Buck Twins and Illustrator Jonathan Burton have partnered to re-create this amazing deck of cards for every magician, cardist and playing card collector to enjoy. Every single unique image on this lovely deck of cards has been masterfully crafted with a perfect balance of lavishness and quirkiness.

These new Odd Bods Playing Cards are printed with re-designed backs by the US Playing Card Company and come sealed in a special gold-foil embossed box.