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Bicycle Insignia (Red)

Bicycle Insignia (Red)



Due to the massive success of the original Black and White versions of Bicycle Insignia Back Playing Cards, new Red and Blue editions are now available. These incredible decks of cards use the exact same colors employed by the USPCC on their iconic 808 Rider Back Bicycle Playing Cards.

New gaff cards have also been included to ensure these decks can be used for all your favorite card magic tricks. A Red/Red Double-Backer is included with the Red Deck and a Blue/Blue Double-Backer is included with the Blue Deck. Both versions also come with a special Blank-Faced Card.

These differ from the "box front gaff" (a card that looks like the front of the box) and odd-backed card included in the Black Deck and White Deck.

This first custom playing card release from Brent Braun’s Magic Firm is a timeless deck adorned with the signature Bicycle logo on its two-way back design in a similar style to vintage casino-style decks.

Bicycle Insignia Back Playing Cards are printed on crushed classic stock with an embossed, air-cushioned Magic finish. Their incredible feel and handling combined with recognizable faces makes them the perfect addition to any card magic trick, cardistry routine or card game night.

As the Bicycle brand is the gold standard for magicians, 2 matching Jokers are also included with every deck of Bicycle Insignia Back Playing Cards.