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Carbon (Diamond Edition)

Carbon (Diamond Edition)



A collaboration project between Nick Nisco and Luke Wadey. The Diamond Edition was designed by Nick Nisco.

  • The third deck released in the Elemental Playing Card lineup
  • Printed by USPCC on premium stock
  • Traditionally cut
  • Limited one time print run of 2500
  • Fully marked deck
  • Double backer (Graphite design on one side, Diamond design on the other)
  • Three jokers

The Carbon Deck was a collaboration between designer and Elemental Playing Cards founder Nick Nisco, and designer Luke Wadey. Two editions were created for this project - Diamond Edition and Graphite Edition. Both are allotropes of carbon. Nick Nisco designed the Diamond Edition with magicians in mind, using premium Bee stock and a deceiving marking system. The two-way back design features a familiar central circle design element originally made popular by the Tally-Ho Circle Backs. The design here is meant to represent a round-cut diamond using a mosaic of various shapes and shades of black and white. The darker background coupled with this mosaic give off an optical illusion of a diamond shimmering in the light. The four circles placed around the perimeter of the round-cut diamond represent the 4 valence electrons carbon contains, as well as familiar place-setting prongs often found in jewelry to hold gems in place. Around the perimeter of the diamond you will also see the words "Diamond Edition."