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LZY Deck : 10 Decks (ALL COLORS)

LZY Deck : 10 Decks (ALL COLORS)





LZY DECK - Available in 10 Color Variations - This introductory price will be available for this first limited run. We cannot guarantee the price for future runs.

The LZY Deck - Playing Cards for Magic & Cardistry Training. This deck is as LZY as it gets. One solid color on one side, and another solid color on the other side - and yet, it’s the MOST addicting deck of cards that we have ever used.

Hey everyone - Pandrea here. So, during the pandemic I came to a realization about the decks of cards I use. I have a deck in my hands a lot…while working, watching TV, walking on the street, using public transportation, waiting for food at a restaurant, etc. I go through a lot of decks and its for this reason I sometimes don’t want to use the decks I might eventually perform with. I also realized that I almost never look down at my hands when subconsciously practicing sleights. 95% of the time I don’t use any of the features on a deck of cards - the faces, the pips, etc. So I thought, why not make an affordable deck with the BEST quality possible so that we can use while practicing our magic sleights and cardistry flourishes, while not worrying about overusing the deck? And so the LZY Deck was born.

Turn 1 card over and use that as the selection while practicing your controls. Turn 4 cards around and practice “finding the aces” or top stock false shuffles.  False deals, riffle stacking, color changes, controls, - the possibilities are endless with the LZY Decks. Not to mention the new cuts and flourishes that can be done with the new deck.

Printed by Cartamundi with their perfect B9 Finish and Thin Crushed to perfection.