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Pink Philtre

Pink Philtre



Jump into the summer vibes with the cloudy-pink and marshmallow-white, we are glad to introduce you to the latest edition of Philtre - Pink Philtre. 
Created by PH, the Pink Philtre brings a fresh and dreamy vibe for all the card lovers out there. 
Manufactured by USPCC with Bee Casino QualityCrushed Stock, and Air-Cushion Finish. The Pink Philtre is Limited to 2500 Decks with No Reprints. And it's fully MARKEDThis is without a doubt a deck that will serve you well whenever you need it!

Named after the love potion in ancient Greek, the Philtre playing cards are designed to create a level of affection that is enhanced the longer you use it. The antique yet intricate art is our take on a mesmerizing yet simple deck that’s perfect for the use of magicians, cardists, and collectors.