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Summer NOC Pro 12-Pack

Summer NOC Pro 12-Pack




NOTE: Limited to 100 Sets - Price available for 48 hours only or until supplies last. This 12-pack includes the following: 

  • 5 x SUMMER NOC PRO SUNRISE TEAL (Retail Value $50)
  • 5 x SUMMER NOC PRO SUNSET ORANGE (Retail Value $50)
  • 2 x SUMMER NOC PRO LIMITED PINK (Retail Value $40)
  • TOTAL VALUE : $140 (Reduced 30%)

- ALL Summer NOC Pro Editions are FULLY MARKED for both suit and value.

- Printed with the United States Playing Card Company

- THIN CRUSHED tm To Perfection

- Includes DUPLICATE Queen of Hearts, Blank Card, 2 Custom Pineapple Jokers