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Aviator (Red)

Aviator (Red)



These cards were originally produced to commemorate Charles Lindbergh's solo flight across the Atlantic. The Standard Playing Card Co. took an existing back design from their catalog (the #914) and renamed it the Aviator brand. The original Aviator boxes showed a silhouette of Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis aircraft. Later editions depicted a twin-engine propeller-driven craft and today's version shows a modern jet airplane.

Aviator cards are thinner and less expensive than most of the mid and high-quality brands. Right out of the box they still handle well and for certain sleights and moves they're ideal. The thinner stock means they won't hold up as long as a deck of Bicycle or Tally-ho cards but they're not designed for that. They're an entry-level playing card designed for people that want to play a quick game of solitaire and be done with them. We've found them to be excellent for practicing false deals as the thin stock allows you to buckle and maneuver the cards as you see fit.

In August 2015 Dan and Dave, in collaboration with the US Playing Card Co. released a new version titled AVIATOR® Heritage Edition.