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X DECK : By Alex Pandrea (RED)

X DECK : By Alex Pandrea (RED)



The X Deck is FINALLY BACK, this time IN RED Limited Quantity Available

Released after 2 years of everyone asking for it. Initially released for Pandrea's Birthday in a "sample" 100 deck run, the unlucky few who couldn't grab one are now the lucky few. These WILL sell out just like the others. The X Deck is now Alex's go-to-deck for all magic performances. Simple enough to fit his minimal style, yet stylized enough to give it a vibe. Why X's? Well, Pandrea was born on Oct. 10th, at 10:00, hence 10.10.10 - with the paint-like X designs on the back - this deck really encompasses Alex. 

  • "Moving X" Gaff Card Included
  • Arrco Face for Vintage Feel
  • Printed to perfection by The United States Playing Cards Company
  • Duplicate Queen of Hearts in every deck
  • Thick and sturdy tuck box (highest quality)