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Bicycle Gum

Bicycle Gum



Urban art is a style of art that relates to cities and city life and is often created by artists who live in or have a passion for the city.

Urban art combines street art and graffiti and is often used to summarize all visual art forms arising in urban areas. It is inspired by urban architecture among many things and tells a story about urban lifestyle.

Aleix Gordo is one of those artists that has taken this art into new forms. He started 15 years ago drawing books for kids and teens as well as completing work for publishing companies. Since then he has worked for press, publicity agencies and various national and international corporations covering a wide range of industries including: Coca-Cola Light, Orange, Movistar, Camper or Buckler, Vans, Pepe Jeans and Panini comics. Nowadays we still makes some work for publicity agencies and, as an illustrator, he creates murals for fashion hotels as well as his own licensed products.