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Virtuoso SS15

Virtuoso SS15



Designed exclusively for cardistry, the extremely popular Virtuoso SS15 deck is the improved version of the SS14 Virtuoso 2014 edition.
The deck boasts the same quality and originality, but with a different color scheme and design changes.

The Adaptive Aesthetics back design was thought out to amplify each and every card flourish.  The shapes and lines are derived from specific Cardistry geometric movements. The innovative Long Edge colour configuration makes flourishes more symmetrical and fluid than ever before.

Printed on premium casino-grade materials and at the highest standards, the Virtuoso Deck boasts handling characteristics which have been optimised to meet the needs of the best card handlers.

The SS15 Virtuoso deck delivers borderless and minimalist court cards, as well as the iconic Ace of Spades, condensed indices, geometrically configured pips, and the signature wraparound tuck case.