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GILDED NOC3000X1 (LIGHT) - Limited Edition

GILDED NOC3000X1 (LIGHT) - Limited Edition




GILDED NOC3000X1 LIGHT - Limited Edition

Playing Cards from the FUTURE! This deck has arrived from the year 3019 and are ready to ship NOW! 

In the year 3000, artificial intelligence takes over the human race. A rouge rebellion warrior escapes from A.I enslavement and travels to a run down time traveling facility in hopes of saving the species. The NOC Corporation, a self built A.I. establishment now runs everything. The NOC3000X1's were the last deck of cards to ever be printed. It has now been transported back to the year 2019 with the simple message - keep the magic alive. The more we depend on technology, the less magical the world seems until one day all the magic will be gone. The deck is now in your hands. #NOC3000X1

Pandrea here - I hope you enjoy this little story we created for this new release. It's very important to me to create products with a feeling to it - and with branding to match. We shot an AMAZING mini-movie for this which you can find through the link below. We hope you enjoy the NOC3000X1's! 

Watch the movie :

  • Printed to perfection by The United States Playing Cards Company
  • GAFF Cards Included (Double Backer + Blank Face)
  • THIN CRUSHED Premium Stock 
  • Marked for clubs, hearts, spades, and diamonds. 
  • Learn a FREE Effect using this deck now: