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NOC Luxury - GOLD Foil

NOC Luxury - GOLD Foil



We are excited to announce the very first legendary collaboration between House of Playing Cards (HOPC) and Riffle Shuffle Playing Card Co. With over one year of meticulous planning, we are finally ready to present to you the most luxurious NOC ever made. Introducing - The NOC Luxury Collection

Back in the summer of 2019, Kevin Yu and Alex Pandrea met for the first time. It was Cardistry-Con in Portland Oregon, and Pandrea just dropped his highly anticipated collaboration with the cardistry convention - The Cardistry Con NOC Edition. This deck included a fully holographic tuck - a first using this type of paper technology. Sure enough, the deck completely sold out - but not before Kevin got his hands on some - and when we say some - we mean a lot! He is the Card Mafia after all!

That night, after an extremely intense air hockey match between the 2 card producers (one of the highlights of the event) - Kevin and Alex made a plan to collab on their first deck of cards over a few beers and that's how this epic collaboration - NOC : THE LUXURY COLLECTION was born!

  • Exclusively Limited to 5000 of Each. NO REPRINTS.
  • Proudly Presented in 3 Editions - GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE.
  • First Ever Deck of Cards with a FULLY FOILED Back Design
  •  Manufactured meticulously by Cartamundi, featuring their Advanced COLD FOIL  Printing Technology on the Back Design with their premium Slimline Paper Stock & B9 True Linen Finish. 
  • Housed in a 300 gsm premium matte finish shimmering paper Imported from ITALY.
  • Tuck Case is luxuriously crafted with 4 Levels of 3D Emboss Technology.
  • Finely infusing 2 Hot Foil stamps on the tuck case using Kurz Foil imported from GERMANY.
  •  FULLY FOILED Inner Tuck Case  
  • FULLY MARKED - A powerful marking system that allows you to identify the suit and value of any given card.
  • Custom Hand-Applied Foil Seal - Wraps from front to back with perforated edge for easy opening.