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Malibu V2

Malibu V2




The pristine beaches of Malibu in your pocket!

Who needs to take a vacation when you catch a wave or relax by the shore everytime you open up a pack of Malibu V2 Playing Cards from famed designer Toomas Pintson.

Be careful not to blind your audience with the incredible, two-way “sun or surf” back design. This vibrant color scheme has been carefully crafted to allow you to display the bright sunshine or cool surf depending on how you fan the cards. Each deck also includes a completely custom Ace of Spades, exclusive Jokers and incredible face cards that have been reimagined to match this tranquil theme.

Printed on crushed stock by the US Playing Card Co., Malibu V2 Playing Cards are limited to 5,500 decks.

Designed by: Toomas Pintson