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NOCTOBER Playing Cards

NOCTOBER Playing Cards




2 years in the making - we are proud to announce the release of our Halloween NOC deck named - NOCTOBER - get it?? This deck features a CUT-OUT Jack-O-Lantern tuck design. For the deck itself we used a NEON ORANGE color with black borders to bring that Halloween vibe to the deck.

BLACK LIGHT BONUS: The coolest feature of using NEON colors in playing cards is the magnificent glow when shined under a black light. We first used these neon colors in our NOC Sport Edition decks - now bringing this cool concept to our halloween deck both for the back design AND faces! Get yourself a black light and enjoy!
  • Printed by The United States Playing Cards Company
  • THIN CRUSHED featuring black borders
  • Cut-out Jack-O-Lantern tuck design
  • Marked for clubs, hearts, spades, and diamonds. 
  • NEON colors used for back design AND faces.